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Christmas News

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Firstly, let me pass on seasons greetings and best wishes to all.

The other news to share is that there will be four 1 day events during 2023. The first of these is planned for mid-January (date TBC). Feel free to let us know of any preferences / ideas for the main theme of the day but there will always be spare gaming tables available for your choice. You simply need to make contact so that we allocate space accordingly.

Finally, there is a new series starting for our complimentary YouTube channel. Let us know if you have any suggestions and/or your votes would be welcome please. The options are present are -

  • WW2 desert army - preparing, painting and gaming in 15mm

  • Macedonian army - preparation and painting in 28mm

  • WW2 Greeks - 28mm and an unusual subject

  • Army of Arthur - bare metal to finished article in 15mm

The channel will also be carrying a short video about 6mm basing for Napoleonic troops plus battle reports.

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